Given that there is a large uptake of TM1 globally there exists an education gap that is ever widening. With this hunger for standards and experience, BedrockTM1.org is not just a home for all these questions on how TM1 works from the ground up or what the best implementation methodolgies are. Uniquely, it is a quick-start collection of assets to dramatically increase efficiency and effectiveness of your TM1 system.

There is a firm belief within the core contributors of this site that TM1 systems are capable of much more valuable business insights than other products in the marketplace. Financial Reporting, Financial Budgeting or Operational Planning systems may be attempted by many products and could easily be successful. However, these are "First Phase" systems and business value takes a quantum leap when the Operational and Financial are automatically linked - not by over-night batch processing but by real-time automatic calculations. Bedrock's genesis was exactly this - a code name for an internal methodology originally named to "initiate standards and Best Practice TM1", ultimately culminating in the uninhibited growth of TM1 systems. Hence BedrockTM1.org is about "Second Phase" TM1 systems and beyond.

It should be emphasized that BedrockTM1.org is not intended as a vehicle for commercial gain. All the content on this site has been stripped of branding and has been released to the public domain. See “How to Licence”. It is intended solely to increase TM1 knowledge and standards so that all implementers, whether professional services or end users can drive better results for the end user company and ultimately ensure TM1’s unique platform is demonstrably superior to other Business Intelligence products.

The future for Bedrock depends largely on the TM1 community to help build out the education and tools already contained on this site. If you benefit from these assets, please take the time to give back in the near future.



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