All of the Bedrock TM1 TI processes include debugging capabilities. This gives the developer more information than traditionally found in the TM1 logs in the event of an error (or other unexpected behaviour) when executing TI processes. This information will assist in identifying the problem source and thus help with troubleshooting errors.

To enable the debugging capability when executing a process, a value must be specified for the pDebug parameter. There are three possible values for this parameter (0,1& 2):-

0 - Run the process normally with no debugging. This is the default value.

1 - Run the process normally and write information out to the debug files.

2 - Run the process and write information out to the debug files but don’t perform any updates.

When debugging is enabled (option 1 or 2), the relevant debug output will be sent to debug files in the logging directory of the TM1 server. 

The debug file name defaults to '[processname].[timestamp].[tab].debug', for example 'Bedrock.Cube.Clone.30-03-2011 12:00:00.Prolog.Debug'. 

There is a separate file for each tab in the process: Prolog, Metadata, Data, and Epilog.

The content of the debug files will vary from process to process. There are some standard outputs for all processes:-

Other debugging information may include the variable values, parameter errors and customised debug messaging.

Copyright 2011, Tested on: TM1 Versions 9.1 to 10.2.1 / Cognos Express 9.0 to 10.2