This guide is intended for the TM1 Administrator because installing the Bedrock processes involves copying files to the server that Tm1 runs on and restarting the TM1 service.

1. Go to

2. Click the button labelled "DOWNLOAD" which is to the right of Bedrock TI Version X.X ZIP



3. Save the Zip file to your computer. The file is only around 0.5MB.


4. Unzip the file.

This will extract a list of 70 odd PRO files.


5. Copy and paste all of these .PRO files to the Data folder on the TM1 server.

The data folder is the one which holds all the cube files (.cub) and dimension files (.dim) etc for the TM1 Server, specified in the TM1s.cfg config file as the "DatabaseDirectory".  You can determine the directory location by clicking on the name of your server in Server Explorer - in the right hand pane you will see the Data Directory path:



 Data directory




6. The processes copied to the data folder won't be visible in Server Explorer until the TM1 server gets restarted (i.e. for TM1 Servers that run as a service this means the relevant service needs to be restarted - you don't need to restart the box that TM1 is installed on!).

Before restarting TM1, in Server Explorer, right click on the server and select 'Save Data" to ensure the latest changes have been saved to disk.



It's also good practice to make a back up copy of the data folder before restarting.

When the TM1 server gets restarted all of the processes in the Database directory (i.e. the data folder) will be registered and will appear as processes in Server Explorer.

To check that the Bedrock processes have been loaded correctly after restarting the TM1 server, go into Server Explorer and expand "Processes". You should see a list of Bedrock processes like this:




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